Passim 8-12-16

Club Passim

On Saturday, October 22nd, Chronic Pleasure will be returning to Club Passim—the historic music venue in the heart of Harvard Square— where the duo first performed 22 years ago.

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I Want To Be a Diva

Chronic Pleasure has released their latest single I Want To Be a Diva.

I Want To Be a Diva is currently avaialble on iTunes,, and other online stores in your virtual neighborhood.





Sunday, October 22, 2016
Cambridge, MA

Club Passim

You have to look for Club Passim, tucked in an alley behind the Harvard Coop in Cambridge, Mass. But when you get inside you will experience a special place in musical history.

In 1958, the owners of a new coffeehouse jazz club reluctantly let a folksinger on stage, says Passim's archivist, Millie Rahn.

"There was this performer around town, long hair, often barefoot," Rahn says. "She had been playing some of the clubs across the river in Boston. And, of course, her name was Joan Baez."

Ever since then, Club Passim has been the place to play for folk musicians in the Boston area. The place has a storied history: The greats of the 1950s and '60s — Baez, Tom Rush, Bob Dylan — all played the room when it was called Club 47. Later, the club gave rise to singers such as Shawn Colvin and Suzanne Vega.

The music world has changed greatly. But the club's continuing to turn out amazing talent.









Chronic Pleasure: John & John


John Cavanaugh and Mark Humphrey realized they were kindred spirits at a workrelated talent show in Cambridge, Mass. The result was Chronic Pleasure, and they soon became just that to their fans at acoustic, rock, and comedy venues in and around Harvard Square.

Chronic Pleasure has been featured on the Independent Film Channel, NPR, and on tour with Lollapalooza. Now based on the West Coast, they compose their songs by trading ideas, sketches, and finished tracks between their MacBook Pros in San Francisco and L.A. This indie approach gives rise to a body of music that's raw, irreverent, and wildly fun.

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